Padlock Lubricant Spray

Especially designed for use with padlocks and door locks to protect and lubricate the mechanism and shackle. Long lasting, non greasy and free from various contaminants.

Coloured Bands for the ABUS Eterna Padlocks

There are little coloured bands that you can buy to replace the standard blue ones that come with the 40mm ABUS Laminated padlocks. Ideal if you want to colour code different areas of security or for safety lock-off applications.

Note: Coloured Band Only. Padlock Purchased Separately

Coloured Key Tags

A selection of key tags with paper inserts available in various different colours.

Keychain Torch

A powerful yet tiny LED torch which is ideal to hang from your key chain enabling you to see the combination or key entrance of your padlock.

Locking Door Bolt

Probably the finest locking bolt on the market is the ABUS 300/120 with a hardened steel bolt, hidden screws and corrosion protected with a nickel finish.

MasterLock Key Safe

Masterlock invented this product and hence it is easily the most popular on the market. Stores up to 5 house, car or padlock keys and can be mounted easily onto a wall. Suitable for outdoor use.

High Security Padlock Enclosure

Product Of The Year 2011 and still going strong. A development incorporating a hardened steel enclosure to fit around any 70mm ABUS Diskus padlocks. Suitable for vans, trucks, warehouses, containers and sheds. Note that the padlock is NOT included within the price.

Padlock Retaining Chain Attachement

A chain attachment to prevent dropping or loosing padlocks. Screws into a door or wall and directly tightens to the padlock shackle.

Combination Key Garage

A large combination vault/garage designed to hold small items such as keys, credit cards or jewelery. Two versions include a permanently fixed wall-mounted version and a mobile removable shackle type.


The 131 Gatesec has been developed to hold together two gateposts in a much more secure method than using chain.

High Security Ground / Wall Anchor

A solid hardened steel ground anchor that comes with all the necessary fittings to secure it to the ground or a wall. Once installed it is a fixed unit and cannot be removed. Ideal for securing bikes and equipment and very difficult for a thief to remove or attack.

Ultra High Security Ground Anchor

This wall anchor is a Thatcham Approved and Sold Secure Gold rated product and designed to be as secure as the most heavy duty chains and padlocks. It can be attached directly to a wall or the floor and is ideal for securing valuable machinery and motorbikes.

Budget Hasp & Staple

A standard yet high quality hasp and staple for basic security available in 3 sizes. For its price it is still made from solid steel, contains concealed hinge pins and includes all fixings necessary.

Weatherproof Hasp and Staple

Fully weatherproof and specially designed for use with discus padlocks in such a way that the shackle is protected from unlocking tools, saw and force attacks. Note that this product is designed for doors which close flush without a large gap.

Hinged Weatherproof Hasp and Staple

This is the same as our fully weatherproof standard hasp but includes an extra joint to enable it to be secured at right angles and opened beyond 90 degrees. Specially designed for use with discus padlocks in such a way that the shackle is protected from unlocking tools, saw and force attacks.

Horizontal Pin Hasp & Staple

The horizontal pin allows the hasp to be used by any traditionally shaped padlock but also makes it a popular choice for installing the hasp itself vertically (pointing up or downwards) at the top of a door or closing lid.

Vertical Pin Hasp & Staple

This hasp and staple is designed for use with standard padlocks, especially closed-shackle types. The vertical staple will allow a closed shackle padlock to sit in it's normal orientation.

Standard Additional Keys

Every padlock includes two keys as standard. However if you require additional keys you can order them here. Please note this is for keyed alike padlocks only. This is for the brands, ABUS and Shield, some Masterlock lines and some Squire lines.

Additional & Replacement ABUS Plus Keys (Padlocks)

Our high security ABUS Granit padlocks require special keys that cannot be copied easily. However if you require additional or replacement keys for a Granit padlock you can order them here.

Please note these are for padlocks only


Padlock engraving for Brass Padlocks, the Safety Series and the Aluminium locks.