Master Key Combination Padlock

You won't find this anywhere else!

Standard combination padlocks are rendered useless if the code is forgotten as the reset function only works when the correct code is input. With our pateneted Code Discovery padlocks, if the code is forgotten, then it can be opened with the master key and then the combination can be found quickly and easily to allow a new code to be input either for the same pupil / colleague / memeber or to be reissued with minimal administrative fuss.

We are the official distributor for Shield.

Titalium Master Key Padlocks

We are now the only company in the world to offer the new Titalium Padlocks in a masterkey format. You can now have multiple locks which can be overridden with a single masterkey but with the strong and light weight of Titalium! Unbelievably they are also cheaper due to the lower cost of aluminium alloys in recent years! Stronger, Cheaper and Lighter!

Brass Master Key Padlocks

The same high quality brass padlocks from ABUS but in a master key format. They are the ideal lock due to the unusually high number of different key variations, making them ideal for lockers or any situation when numerous locks will be used.

Laminated Master Key Padlocks

We feel the ABUS laminated or 'Eterna' locks are the best all round padlocks which give the perfect compromise of quality, security and price. Now we are the only company to offer these in a master key option!

Resettable Master Key Combination Padlock

The latest combination lock by ABUS with a masterkey but with the added advantage of being able to reset the code with the key even if it has been forgotten! This is an added function over the Shield Masterkey Combination locks but you pay a higher price for the privilege.

Master Keyed Dial Combination Padlocks

A combination padlock with a Master-Key override making it ideal for schools, colleges and gyms where access is needed in the event of a forgotten code or an emergency. The dial mechanism offers a huge 64,000 possible combinations.

High Security Master Keyed Granit Plus Padlocks

The ABUS Granit range use a special key-way with over 250,000 possible key variations. As a result it makes this lock one of the best and most secure in the world to be master-keyed with little or no chance of repetitions. This lock also carries a CEN Insurance Grade of 4.

Closed Shackle Master Keyed Granit Plus Padlocks

The ultimate in master-keyed padlock technology. The closed shackle Granit Plus padlocks rate as one of the best in the world with CEN grades of 4/5, unique anti-pick mechanisms and weather resistance up to 40 years.

Coloured Aluminium Master Keyed Padlocks

These are ultra lightweight and available in 7 different colours which make them very popular as safety lock-off padlocks for electrical, engineering and petroleum companies. These are one of very few types of colour coded lock that can be made up as a master ket set. They are also highly secure with precision anti-pick mechanisms and hardened shackles.

Master Keys

If you have purchased a number of master key padlocks (including combination types) then you will need to select how many Master Keys you require from here.