Keyed Alike Long Shackle Weatherproof Brass Padlock (30mm) 6304

Manufacturer: ABUS Product Code: 65MB/30HB70 KA 6304
Keyed Alike Long Shackle Weatherproof Brass Padlock (30mm) 6304
Width: 30mm / Shackle: 5mm
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Keyed Alike:
This means that when you buy two or more padlocks from the keyed alike range they will all be operated by the same key. Each padlock comes with two keys as standard.

If you require a specific keyed alike padlock matched to a code or a number of sets of keyed alike padlocks please contact us.

About This Padlock:

Although many of our padlocks are designed for use in normal outdoor conditions, our specialist weatherproof padlocks are perfect for more severe environmental conditions or extended outdoor use.

The whole lock body is made from solid rust-free brass. All internal parts are also made of 100% rustproof materials. You'll notice that on the short shackle versions, the shackle is made from stainless steel whereas here the shackle is made with brass. This was done since brass has special anti-spark properties which make the long shackle version more suitable for oil tanks and petroleum applications.

Please note that if you think your padlocks may come into contact with grit, sediment or be subjected to extended exposure to salt water then you may want to consider our plastic coated weatherproof padlocks for added protection. Click here for more information.

We now only have one size in the range, the 30mm. Please note that we have discontinued the 40mm size in this range since the standard range with the hardened shackles now come with a nano coated weatherproofing. They are the same lock and the same dimensions but slightly more secure:

Full Dimensions:
After selecting your size from the drop-down menu above you can then click on the image to show the exact dimensions. Otherwise you can view the dimensions of each below: 

30mm - Click here

Uses & Applications:
Ideal situations include all vehicles, trailers, containers and boats which are subject to sea/salt water. They work particularly well where the padlock is left locked outdoors for long periods of time. They are also used specifically where sparks may be a hazard. For example on oil tanks and petrol storage tanks. ABUS also have a page dedicated to padlock application here.

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