Motorcycle Disc Alarm Lock

Manufacturer: APC Product Code: APC-02

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About This Padlock:
There are many disc locks on the market in excess of £50 but this is nice low cost alternative with an integrated alarm unit. It is made from solid steel and uses a 6mm securing pin that fits through the gaps of a disk brake on motorcycles and some bicycles.

Not only will the alarm be activated when moved but it prevents the wheel from rotating. In the case of a motorcycle it would therefore be impossible to drive away.

Each lock is supplied with 3 keys.

Disc Alarm Padlock


How The Alarm Works:
The alarm on this disc lock is designed not to be as sensitive as normal alarm locks. It will need to be knocked or directly tampered with to sound the alarm. This is done so that it won't sound with small movements cause buy wind or engine vibrations by other bikes parking close by.

Once activated the lock will become live within 15 seconds which gives you time to fit it to your gate, bike, or chain etc. The lock then has a fail safe movement sensor which detects movement within a 5 second period. For example 1 movement within 5 seconds will not activate the alarm. A single movement is signalled by 3 consecutive beeps to as a warning. 2 or more movements within 5 seconds will then activate the alarm and will sound for 10 seconds before resetting.

Setting The Lock - Alarm Active

1. The key is not require to lock the unit in place over the disk brake
2. A "Beep" will indicate the alarm is set
3. After 10 seconds the alarm will be active

Are The Electronics Weatherproof?
Although the lock does use weatherproof electronics we would not recommend this lock for prolonged outdoor use for weeks where it is exposed to rain. If there is a cover or roof preventing the lock from getting wet then it ok to be used outdoors. Remember to ensure the lock is orientated upwards so that the alarm holes are not exposed directly to the rain. Please see the Xena models as a fully weatherproof alternative.

Can I Change The Batteries?
Each lock comes with batteries installed and a spare set. Replacement batteries are readily available from your local supermarket. If the lock is not being regularly activated then you should see at least 1 year battery life from the lock but it is recommended to test it every 2-3 months anyhow.

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